Why? Because some people have written bad things about Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackrey.

So what now? Shiv Sainiks ransacked some cyber cafes in Kalyan (near Thane) for allowing Orkut.com access and they have asked the government to ban the Orkut.com.

Ok, so? – The government is in favor of banning Orkut and even Maharashtra police is supporting them. I think The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team in New Delhi did not allow Orkut ban. (Thank God they were smart enough to understand this stupidity)

So what next? Shiv Sena will continue trying their best to ban Orkut and their next target may be Google because it shows the results when we search for Bal Thackrey + (Any bad word) haha

Or I should say, let’s ban Internet only.

My great Maharashtra, my great India and my great ruling party. Way to go, Mumbai will become Shanghai soon and India will become US haha

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Update: Shivsena learns how to get the community blocked from Orkut just by clicking on Report Abuse link on Orkut.

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