Why? Why make movies when you are not sure about what you want to show? Commercial Cinema? Art Cinema or new genre, confused cinema?

The movie started with the feelings of art cinema or in other words I should call, simple good movie with no glamour or naach gaana. But within next 10 minutes, it started showing commercial colors, A song.. haha that too at the wrong time. Okay, let me come directly to the movie.

The movie is about a middle class man Swami (Manoj Bajpai) and his chair…oops and America… oops and dream of his wife.. oops or may be something else. Let’s cut the crap. Swami and Radha (Juhi Chawla) live in a very small village in Maharashtra. But Radha wanted to move to Mumbai for better education of their son. She always had a dream of her child going to US for the job. So, they move to Mumbai, Radha falls ill, Swami works hard..overtimes.. for Radha’s operation but he did not know that Radha will spend that money on buying the chair which Swami wanted for many years. Now this is what I call stupid, simply stupid. The director wanted to show how much Radha loved Swami and how she sacrificed her life just for the chair which Swami wanted for ages. Rest of the movie is about how Swami  makes Radha’s dream come true.

The director (Choreographer – Ganesh Acharya) wanted to have everything in the movie. Songs, love story, comedy, emotions and what not. But in the process of achieving this, he lost track of the movie and kept on dragging the movie for around 2 hours. Many unwanted songs and scenes (all those jogging park scenes) added. He made Swami dance too (May be to show his choreography skills?)

The music not impressive at all, even background score needed some good amount of work. Background music was not going well with the scenes but it was just helping increase the noise pollution.

On the acting front – Manoj Bajpai was impressive. Juhi Chawla was not good, she was not suiting well in the south Indian accent. Wrong character, I should say. The chemistry between Swami and Radha was lacking something, it looked artificial. Rest of the actors did not impress me much. 

From the promos, I really thought this movie would be good, different from the movies which we watch these days, but now I am just regretting that why I did not go for Dhram.

So overall, the movie is  a messed up movie and the story was not clear. Many flaws. Deserves 1.5 / 5. Business wise, it will be a flop.

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