Barsaat, Barish, Varsaad or Rain… happiness, happiness and happiness. I know it reminds us about 26/7, I know it reminds us about the roads which are still dug up, I know it reminds us of water dripping in from corner of our windows but it brings happiness on everyone’s face.

I don’t know how to express my happiness, it is raining currently, infact raining very heavily, raining for the first time in whole Mumbai. My TATA Sky dabba is not working, they have deactivated the service temporarily because of heavy rains and lightning. The lights have gone. I am really worried about my office, last year there was major water leakage problem. We had got the stuff fixed but the real test of the work can be only done at the times of rain. And now I have 2 new machines installed with new computer table, chairs.. damn I am just counting the expenses… I hope the water does not spoil the stuff.

But still I am happy. It still does not reduce my joy. Jo hoga wo dekha jayega (Will tackle the situation, however it comes) But now right, I will keep my mind busy making plans for some hill station.. haha (Megha, are you listening?)