Awesome, Awesome and Awesome!!! Got the movie review from the first line itself? Hell, yeah… it was an awesome movie indeed.

As seen in the promos, the movie is about love / relationship between 64 year old man, Buddhadev (Amitabh Bachchan) and 34 year old woman, Nina (Tabu). No, this movie does not have “what people will think?” and stuff. It is just too different. The storyline can be found here.

What I liked most in the movie was, smart dialogue delivery, specially in the first half. Be it conversation between Buddhadev and his mother, or be it with Buddhadev and his 9 year old neighbor Sexy or be it with Buddhadev and Nina. Dialogues were just too different, you generally such kind of replies in any bollywood flick. (Nothing bad just different) Couple of example would be conversation between Buddhadev and Sexy about watching adult DVD movies. Or may be conversation between Buddhadev and his mother about the food she had made for him. or may be conversation between Buddhadev and Nina at the cafe.

Okay, time for the good and bads.

Good: Acting, dialogue delivery, cinematography, direction, music.. damn everything. The romance between Buddhadev and Nina is simply superb. I think Amitabh Bachchan is the only actor who can romance with anyone on the screen. Be it Rani Mukherjee (Black) or Hema Malini (Baghban) or Tabu in this one. Damn, he still looks young and charming. Great performance, simply superb!! Then comes Tabu, she proved herself as great actress in the movie “The Namesake” and now she is back with this one. Bang on target, prefect!! And I don’t know why, she looked really beautiful in this movie. And then, this little angel, Sexy (Swini Khara), 9 year old little girl suffering from blood cancer, she knows when she is going to die and before that she wants to enjoy everything. She is big boss of 64 year old Buddhadev, she knows Buddhadev more than anyone and even advices him on many things. Excellent child actor. How can I forget Zoha Sehgal, 95 year old and still going strong. Just unbelievable.

The music by Ilaiyaraaja has some kind of freshness in it. Very melodious songs. Specially the title song and Jaane Bhi Do Na.

Bad: Well, this will have hardly 2 lines haha. The 2nd half required some chopping work. This is where the movie slowed down a bit and was kind of stuck for sometime. The satyagrah thing by Paresh Rawal (Nina’s dad) could have cut short to make things faster. But apart from that, I could not find anything bad.

Overall I would rate this movie 3.5 / 5. I would have loved to give it 4 stars only if later part of the 2nd half was bit chopped. A very fine movie and yea, IT IS NOT ANOTHER NISHABD!! haha

On the business front, I do not think so it will do much business here in India but it can attract many outside India.