Ask anyone from Mulund about Globcast (Yea, this is how they spell it) and you will get introduced to abuse galore. I was lucky that I was away from these bastards for last 3-4 years but recently for my office, I needed unlimited usage plan so I made a mistake to call these guys.

To my surprise the lady on the phone was kind of ok. (Earlier they used to be worse than the government department). After some discussions, I asked the lady to get net connection for my office. Within a day the guys installed the net at my office. But the bad phase starts now.

I connected their cable to my router so that I can distribute the net to all the machines. Woha!! It did not work. Cross checked the settings twice, thrice.. nothing worked. I called their (so called) customer support. The lady over the phone said, “hum router mein set karne mein help nahi karte” (We don’t help in setting up the net on router), I asked them to give the phone to their technical guy so that I can explain the issue and we can set the things up. But instead of helping me, she simply said, call your computer engineer. I was like computer engineer? the hardware guy? what for? she replied, to set the net on router, he must be knowing it coz we don’t know it.

I kept the phone and gave one more try but nothing worked. This made me sure that they must have done thing which does not allow the net to connect directly through the router. I called them up again and spoke to some gujju bhai named Ashok Somaiya.

The guy rudely replied saying we do not allow connection direct to the router. I asked him, so how do I run the net in my office? He said, I don’t know that we don’t entertain people who wish to run it on the router. I was like “*$*#$ you dude” take my connection off. (Obviously I did not use the F word on the phone)

The connection was taken off within few hours.

So now, I tried to look for other options. TATA Indicom Broadband, great schemes, great prices. Let’s apply!! So that’s what I did. The guy came to collect the cheque within a week and promised me about the installation within 2 days.

After 3-4 days, their installation guys land up at my office saying, the Globcast guy is demanding Rs. 300 to allow the installation work. I was like, what the hell I have to do with the Globcast now? I have paid installation charges and security deposit to you guys not to Globcast.

I talked to Ashok Somaiya of Globcast again, he started his bullshit in his typical bhai log accent saying, whatever ISP you take, you will have to come to us first. I asked him, ok what is Rs.300 for, he said, not Rs. 300, it is Rs. 499. I was like eh? He said, you took connection from us, so we created ID for you so it was our expense of Rs. 499 to create the ID for you. I said, I hardly used it for 2 hours, he was like – so what, we created it so we already money spent on it.

I was like, WTF this guy is saying.. I did not say much and called up Tata’s customer support directly and lodged the complaint. Within 2 days (after reminding them couple of times) the guy from Tata called me up and said at any cost your connection will be done in a day.

I was relived at that time and was like, finally the bad guy lost. But this was not all. No one came for my installation, I lodged the complaint again, I got the call today again saying they won’t be able to install the net unless I pay them Rs. 500.

So in short, they have decided to refund the money to me. I really wish we had proper laws to screw these kind of guys. And 2ndly I never expected companies like Tata to rely on cheats like this one.