It seems that these days media guys have plenty of free time. Be it news channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News or any others. (Keeping NDTV and CNN IBN aside)  or be it tabloids like Mid Day. Everyone is running behind showing personal matter of the celebrities or known people.

Zee News is busy showing how much Aishwarya Rai gave to her parents and how much she spent for her marriage expenses. Mid Day is also carrying the same story. I am yet to understand how does it affect the lives of local public. What do I do if Aishwarya Rai spends 8 crores for her marriage or buys from some xx store. It is her personal matter, why should media bother about it? She is paying her tax and it is her money, she can spend however she wants and I do not think any news channel has right to show anyone’s personal matter. (unless they have permission from the person)

2nd example is again from Mid Day. Few days back Mid Day carried a story about how orkut helped to nab the navy man (who killed his girlfriend) since after that it seems Mid Day correspondents changed their work profile from news correspondents to Orkut Diggers. They started checking the scrapbook of the same navy guy and carried out one more story on him.

But this was not enough so they decided to test their orkut skills and digged out profile of Shivsena executive president Uddhav Thackeray’s son Aditya. They managed to write a silly article on profile of Aditya. They gave it their bad try to interpret each and every line of his profile. (They have few more articles by Orkut Diggers)

Earlier rediff had also done the same mistake by posting an article based on scraps of Virginia Tech shootout victim Minal Panchal but It was taken off on the same day.

The point here is, Why these media guys have to dig personal lives of people. Do they think it makes everyone say “WOW, this is cool!!” if they do, then they are totally wrong. I simply call it “Sick!!”.