Thanks to Shwetanshu for forwarding me the mail about MF Hussain’s painting and that mail became responsible for making me write about art and recent attacks happening on the artists.

I have seen many people talking about freedom in art and everything but I really do not understand the meaning of freedom here. Does freedom mean hurting sentiments of people? I do not think so.

I just looked at the paintings of MF Hussain and I must say, if he calls it freedom then I would simply just kick his a**. I mean, what is so called freedom in showing our goddess without the clothes doing the things what we have never imagined?  What kind of art is that?

I think the government should just arrest these kind of artists immediately so that can understand the real meaning of the freedom. And yea, government should also arrest those moral police guys who prefer taking law in their hand.  Infact these moral police guys should be arrested first because taking law in their own hand is much bigger offence than these stupid paintings.