At the time of paying telephone bills when we hear  “pay though Internet option”, we get a sigh of relief thinking we wont have to stand in long queues and stuff. BUT for people working at MTNL, this word “Internet” is more than a nightmare.

I generally pay my office phone bills through MTNL’s website and last month for some reason I could not pay the bill on time. So this month, I cleared bills of 2 months together so that I do not forget the due dates.

I paid the bills on 10th of this month and today suddenly in the evening, my phone stopped working and all I got was a voice message saying “Contact your local account officer”. I called up local exchange guys to find out what’s up with this issue.

I have recorded the whole conversation, just click on play button below to listen to it or just click on download to save the file on your local machine. 

Download (773 KB) – File has been edited to keep things bit of private haha (the phone number)

Sounds funny right? Yea it is, they runaway from the word Internet and give many silly excuses. If you have listened to the whole clip, in the end, the lady asked me to fax some letter. But my phone line started within 5 minutes after keeping the phone.

So does this mean, they are just bunch of careless people who does not want to look at details of the customers who have paid through Internet? Or they just do not have enough information with them?

Whatever it is, IT SUCKS for sure.

P.S. The title of the post means “Have Paid the bill through Internet” The lady says this in Marathi to other staff member.