Till yesterday I was all praising this cool Japanese innovation but now, if you ask me, I would just say my crappy Chinese stand which never worked properly. I had purchased this laptop stand a month back from a shop called Thanko RareMono Shop, a Japanese company which is into all kinda cool and crazy stuff.

The stand arrived within a week after placing the order, it looked pretty cool when I opened, within 2-3 minutes I figured out how to get it working (locks and all), the first thing which caught my eyes was, the label “Made in China”. This changed my expression a bit, I was like “ouch, Chinese; God save me!!” Well, god did not save me this time. The lock on the right hand side’s handle was not working and I could not keep the laptop on it properly.

I emailed their support guys with the video showing the bad lock. They sent me the new stand within a week.

New one had locks working properly, I even enjoyed using it for few hours, I even enjoyed showing off the “working” stand to my sister and Megha haha. BUT god again did not save me. One of the locks screwed up again. The condition is not as worse as the earlier one but still it is not fully functional. I am not planning to ask them to send me one more stand as I know the new one (if they send it) is going to be bad again.

So the moral of the story is? Never buy Chinese stuff, no matter how cool it looks. It is gonna be crappy mostly. (You will be lucky if it works well)

I have already wasted my 91$ for this crappy Chinese stand and I do not want you to waste money on it.

Edit: Btw if you wanna take a look at it, here you go: (it works only in this position lol)

My Chinese stand