I generally do not post about Gujarati dramas I watch. It is just that till now none of them have made me sit and post about it. This one was kind of different, I won’t say it was 5/5 kind of stuff but it left a very good message in the end.

The drama is about how a doctor cures a patient with mental disorder, gets married to her and how our society makes that person mentally ill again. It tried to show  how society is mainly responsible for this, we generally call the person pagal or mad but we do not ever try to see other side of the coin and that is where we lack and make things worse. The person with mental disorder needs a human touch, feelings rather than keeping her in a locked room and on medication all the time.

The story is based on true life incident which had happened in Gujarat few years back. The drama is pretty old, infact it ran packed houses for 15 years and they discontinued it because it was affecting the lives of the actors. Playing role of mentally challenged person is not that easy I guess. Sujata Mehta in the role of Ratna (Mentally challenged person) was just too impressive. Hats off!!

But now the same drama is back again. I watched it at Birla Matoshree, I think next Sunday it is going to be at Bhavans

It is a must watch for Gujju people.