Just returned from the 11 PM show.

The movie is about 9 characters, I am not going to say 4 couples because it is more about individuals than the couples. Everyone is living their lives in the Metro, Mumbai. Someone is trying to find love in other person where someone is trying to earn some more bucks. But I guess, that’s how the life is.

Love, extra martial affair, money and again Love!! that’s what makes Life in a Metro. I think for a change, Raja Sen did pretty good job in narrating the story.

What I liked? Irrfan Khan and KK – Amazing actors. I don’t know but they are different in every movie they act in. Irrfan Khan, he was so different serious in The Namesake and here he is a totally funny guy. KK, damn funny in Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd and here, very serious guy. Generally other actors tend to do the same kind of role for some period of time but these guys are just too different. Apart from this, Shilpa Shetty was impressive, I still do not know, why she does not get any roles? She is a damn good actress. Sharman Joshi, he is a jolly good fellow. Always flawless. Kangana, is she some kind of Barbie doll or something? Looks so beautiful.

And yea, the music. Awesome rocking music. I know there are couple of lifts but that’s Pritam’s speciality. There is some kind of energy and depth in the lyrics. Just too good.

What I didn’t like? Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali’s love story. I know it sounds cute and romantic to fall in love at old age. There were very good moments too but couple of things just did not make sense to me. An example would be, why Nafisa was not allowed to leave the old age home? She could have left anytime she wanted, why there was any need to runaway with Dharam uncle. They are not kids. 2nd bad thing was Kangana, I know I said good things about her just couple paragraphs above but she really needs to improve her Hindi accent. 

And the last bad thing was, 2 apes and 1 dood showing up all the time in the movie. Chota ape, Pritam holding the guitar, Mota ape, James doing some kind of rock star stuff and 3rd dood singing the songs. (I don’t know his name) I know these guys make a classic great rock band but why to show up all the time in the movie? I know the song is sad but, why dudes? why you guys wanna make it funny? Whole theatre was laughing whenever they used to appear on the screen. The concept of band members showing up was nice but it is not a good idea to put them in front of the camera all the time.

Apart from that’ I quite liked the movie. I think this movie should do above average kind of business. Not a hit material, made mostly for multiplex people.

I would rate it 3 / 5.