Few years back, when there was some Saif Ali Khan starrer in the theatre, our reaction used to be like “Oh, it’s Saif Ali Khan, we can may be watch the movie on our video cassette player, why to waste money!!” But now times have changed, now people say “Oh, it’s Saif, let me book the ticket now or it will be houseful!!” Well, yea, now Saif can carry whole movie on his shoulders. Excellent growth. (Like Akshay Kumar)

I am not going to waste much of the time by praising Saif, so, let’s talk about the movie.

The movie is about car racer RV (Saif Ali Khan), how he gets into the racing circuit, how he falls into love with Radhika (Rani Mukherjee), how he wins the races, how he meets with an accident and how he spends life after that.

I know it is one of the worst way of storytelling but I am here to write the review 🙂

The movie overall is very well made but it might not be liked by some group of people. This group includes the ones who knows what actually “car racing” is. In this car race, there are no rules, anyone can crash other car purposely and walk off. No police, no investigation, nothing. BUT apart from that the movie is almost flawless. Those great locals (I really loved RV and Radhika’s house) and great music does not let you leave your seat. (My favorite songs: Hey Shona and Saaiyaan)

Oh, did I mention that Rani looks stunning super stunning in this movie, I just loved her new hairstyle. Damn, I have started falling in love with her.

On the acting front, Rani and Saif were impressive. I like the 2 kids, Champ (Ali Haji) and Princess (Angelina Irani). Javed Jaafri was kind of bad in his Gujju accent. (No one can beat Paresh Rawal here).

So in short, the movie is definitely worth a watch, it has got everything which a good masala movie needs. 

I would give this movie 3.5 / 5.

One thing to learn from the movie is: Start planning about the future, save money and don’t rely on those cards with 16 digits embossed on it.

Predictometer: A sure hit. May not do good business in the small towns but it is surely gonna leave multiplexes packed for couple of weeks atleast.