Sounds funny right? It is indeed funny. It seems that some people did not like Liz and Arun getting 2 million pounds from the magazine “Hello!” They wanted some scoop out of it and they did not get. So, the easiest way is? File a case on the name of religion.

I have been following this thing for couple of days, first Arun Nayar’s dad spoke to the press about how Liz behaved with him and other Indian relatives. And now some guy from Jodhpur (Vishnu Khandelwal, some local press guy) filed a case against them because of some stupid reasons. (I think it is Arun’s dad who is behind this)

Some laughable reasons include:

Khandelwal said he was upset when he saw Hurley and Nayar had taken alcohol prior to the religious rites and kissed near the sacred fire that Hindus hold to be the witness to the marriage

“They sat on a sofa and they were supposed to sit on the floor,” Khandelwal added.

Hurley wore leather footwear near the fire, in a land that worships the cow.

I seriously do not understand why court should entertain these kind of stupid cases? If Liz sits on the sofa then why it hurts this Vishnu guy or hindu religion? It is her wedding, she can do whatever she wants (provided she is not offending any god or religion)

I do not think any of the above mentioned reasons hurt any religion by any means. These kind of stupid cases remind me of Hari Sadu case against haha