Haha, it was time when I used to watch movies like crazy, every Friday, first show, damn sometimes 3 movies a day too. It was fun. But now things have been changed a bit. I am still same crazy movie fan but the god has stopped listening to me and denied making 48 hours in a day instead of 24.

Business does not allow me to do much, infact I get less time to sleep also haha but it’s pure fun. I still watch movies (not on Fridays anymore) but do not get much time to write reviews. Infact do not get time to post more stuff here too. I have few things lined up to post but time is the only thing which I don’t get.

Anyways, not to bore much. I watched Namaste London few days back, it did not impress me at all. The Namesake was pretty impressive. The music by Nitin Sawhney is a masterpiece which I am not able get it here in India, well yea that’s other story though. Overall the movie is 3.5 star material and is a must watch. Tabu and Irfan Khan are pretty impressive.

On the English movies side: I watched 300, which is again impressive. Blood Diamond, very impressive too. War and Peace, this one is a documentary film which I don’t think so is out officially in India. But it was a nice movie. Not everyone will like it.

That’s about it. End of the quick post and now getting back to work.