After watching this movie, it really kept me Nishabd. No, I am not praising this movie but it is otherwise. I really had no words. I was still thinking what made Ram Gopal Varma direct this slow paced 2 hour movie. RGV should stick to D-Company movies. Let’s get straight to the point.

As seen in the trailers, the movie is about a 60 year old man falling in love with 18 year old girl. The movie has bit more too, it also shows how Vijay aka old man aka Amitabh Bachchan faces his family. (after they get to know about the his love affair) But all these things are something that we have seen already. There was nothing new, nothing different.

I was expecting some lite moments between Vijay and Jia, basically moments which justifies that they both are in love. But here what I saw was some kind of infatuation which made Vijay say Yes and very soon after that, we saw Vijay kicking out Jia out of his house.

The movie was a very slow paced in the first half, it was just going on and on, and it could not stop people from yawning. It picked up well in first few minutes of 2nd half but again it slowed down.

On the acting front, there was nothing impressive. Jia as a newcomer was good but I do not think this movie will give her any kind of boost in the career. Amitabh Bachchan was good but again, nothing like “Great acting” kind of stuff.

The only thing I liked in the movie was, Cinematography. It was top class.

Let me sum up the movie:

Music: Just about ok.

Acting: Nothing great or nothing to be noted about.

Overall, I would rate this movie 2 / 5 and I do not see any point in wasting money on this movie. Just wait for it to arrive on the DVD, order it on rent, watch it, forget it.

Predicto Meter: I do not see any chances of this movie doing good.