That’s the name of Munnabhai part 3. The first trailer is out in theatres. It is shown in the begning of the movie, Eklavya. (Along with the trailer of Indian Lord of the rings – Talisman)

The trailer gave me a real good laugh, I am sure the movie will be much more funnier than the trailer. guys managed to get the dialogues on the net.

The third installment from the Munnabhai and Circuit series, in this episode both Munna and Circuit are preparing to go to America. The trailer opens showing both Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) and Circuit (Arshad Warsi) in their trademark tapoori outfits of an orange shirt and a black kurta respectively. Both are reading a book ‘How to learn English in 30 days’. With their dreams to go America, learning English obviously becomes an important requisite for them. So both the characters are struggling to learn the Queen’s language thus creating a lot of confusion with their ‘desi’ dialect.

Just for instance check a few of their Hindi lines translated into English

How will they give their address?
In Hindi: Dhobhi ghat
In English: Wash-ington

How will they express their happiness?
In Hindi: Khushi ke maare mera seena phul gaya
In English: Out of happiness my chest turned into breast

Tapori slang
In Hindi: hawa aan de
In English: Let the air force come in

Bambaiya language
In Hindi: khopche main leke deo kya kharcha paani
In English: I will take you out for date and pay for it

There are a few more of their hilarious one-liners that just make you wonder what will actually happen when they reach America. The trailer however is only restricted till their homework in India and doesn’t delve into foreign shores. In terms of its format it very much reminds of the first teaser of Lagey Raho Munnabhai that showed Munna and Circuit talking about Mahatma Gandhi.

I will update this post if I find the trailer online.


Here is the trailer:

[gv data=”yU3AS9ZedeM”][/gv]