Okay, that’s my new super cool theme asking you 😉 I had got this theme designed quite sometime back but I was not getting time to work on it, so finally I gave up and asked one of my friends to code it for me.

And here we have a beta theme ready 🙂

There are few bugs here and there with the theme, there will be few usability changes too. I am going to fix all of them in sometime. I would like all of you to test the theme too.

Currently known bugs are:

  • Home page collapsible image does not change when the state is changed
  • All the windows are expanded by default where as only 1st should be expanded and rest should be collapsed
  • Need link to Home on the top (along with the page names)
  • Font size issue in Firefox 2.x with the Post meta text

If you guys come across more bugs, do let me know.

One more thing, I have changed the host too. I moved to MediaTemple (GS series) because it allows me to eat more server resources 😉