When it comes to Abusing, we are always on top. Be it abusing people, be it abusing freedom (moral policing, censorship) and now we have abusing of English.

Not to confuse much, I am talking about those bunch of idiots who abuse English just for the sake of numerology.

I know this has been happening for quite sometime but now a days, I see each and every movie name or television serial name abused.

Some of the funny names are as below:

Current Spelling – Correct Spelling

Kayamath – Kayamat

Kasautii Zindagii Kay – Kasauti Zindagi Ki

Zindaggi Rocks – Zindagi Rocks

Kaajjal – Kajal

Mainly these things are abused by K team and everyone follows them blindly. I have no idea how their success depend upon the numbers? They need to show something which will make people sit in front of the screen.

Damn, why there is no censor board on abusing of English?