Beta, Papa hai? (Is your dad there?)

Nahi Uncle, Papa to nahi hai (No, he isnt there)

Oh. okay.. ye hai hamare dost xxx (Oh, okay.. this is my friend xxx)

Aap inhe he vote kijiyega (Please vote for him)

Ye hamare load shedding ka problem fix karwa denge (He will fix all our load shedding problems)

xxx ka sign mat bhulna, upar se 5th (Don’t forget the symbol of xxx, it is 5th from top)

Yes Uncle, aap bole aur hum vote inko na kare, aisa ho sakta hai kya? 100% inko he vote karenge (Yes, uncle, how can we vote to someone else, 100% we will vote for him only)

Well, this is what I used to tell each and every person at my door. Instead of telling people what they have done, these guys are just promising about the stuff that they are going to do.

One more strange thing I noticed this time was, grouping. Each and every candidate is making a group with some or other community. It is basically to get support from that community. One comes with some guys from Jain community, other one with Maharashtrian community or someone with Kutchi / Gujarati community and the list goes on.

And some of them don’t even hesitate to call themselves young and dynamic. Ahem, even if they are 50 year old and with no sign of being dynamic on their face.

Okay so moral of the story is, vote for the one you want and the one who is less corrupt. Haha, I know everyone is corrupt but some of them do some social work too (along with corruption) 🙂

Note: The post is about BMC elections in Mumbai.