There is a trend in the Indian film industry to have a tag line for movie title but this movie somehow missed it, so I decided to give it a tag line on my own. I think the best suitable tag line would be “I See You… Don’t you see me� You must have got idea about the movie from this tag line. Let me help you to save some bucks.

The movie is about the spirit of Shivani (Vipasha Agarwal) who bumps into the house of TV show host Raj (Arjun Rampal). Raj is the only person who can see her and she seeks help from him to take her out of coma and the hospital where one of the doctors is trying to kill her.

What I really liked most in the movie is, the story. It is very different from other movies. But I must also say that, director managed to make it worse in the 2nd half. The movie was doing pretty good in the first half but 2nd half has been stretched a lot, specially the climax. If I had a remote control then I seriously would have kept my finger on the fast forward button. In some of the scenes I felt like “what the hell they are showing!!� but again, innocent smile of Vipasha stopped me every time. I even failed to understand the secret signal passed by the song “Halo Halo� I should have understood that the song is telling me to leave the theatre. (In Gujarati, Halo means let’s go)

Okay, enough of bashing, now time for some good things about the movie. Actually, I liked only 2 things in the movie. 1. The cinematography. London is shown very well, specially views from the top. 2. Vipasha Agarwal’s cute expressions.

Let’s not waste much of the time and sum the things up.

Story: Very different story but 2nd half of the movie was poor. It was just too lengthy.

Music: OK, not bad. The song, Halo Halo should appeal teenagers.

Acting: Nothing to be taken note of. Arjun Rampal was good but there was nothing in the movie which could show some acting skills. I somehow felt that it was lacking the natural touch. It was all looking artificial to me. Vipasha Agarwal was good but again like I said earlier, the movie did not have things which shows skills of an actor. Vipasha looks like a girl next door. Sophia Choudhry was awful. Chunky Pandey was good and tried to make people laugh but did not get success.

So overall, I would rate this movie 1.5 out of 5.

Predicto Meter: Flop.