haha sounds funny right? I am talking about the tele serial Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka. I got to know about this serial when I was surfing channels. This serial is supposed to be some boring family drama. But today it turned into some kind of Dhoom 2 show. I never knew Dhoom 2 / English movies will inspire these guys so much that they will end up showing some high tech theft scene.

Scene: A diamond is placed in some very secured place protected with laser beams and all. Nimmo decides to steal it, she enters the place somehow and the circus starts, Nimmo starts jumping here and there, shows some funny movements. And finally Nimmo is near the diamond. She takes out small football from her pocket, replaces the diamond with the football. Flees from the place with the help of some kind of gun with anchor. (I don’t know what exactly is it called)

So why does Nimmo do that? Well, that mystery is funnier than above. lol

She is in last stage of cancer and she stole the diamond so that his father can pay his debts.

LOL I wish I had gun in my hand and I wish she was doing that circus in from of me. I would have  shot her the very next moment. Nimmo ab bas karo.

I don’t understand, if these guys have nothing to show then just windup the serial, Pack the bags and go home.

Height of stupidity.