You must have got the idea about what I am saying if you are regular viewer of the reality TV show Big Boss.

I try to watch Big Boss daily and I have noticed that, every day I see new promotional tactics added in the show.

Take example of stuff like songs which are played daily, damn today they crossed the limit, I could hear some song called Kulvadhu… haha that is some song of their TV serial. Imagine hearing this kind of crap when you wake up, how can a morning be good?

2nd thing I noticed it, camera focus going again and again to Ariel and Gillette posters around. There is nothing wrong in it but it should focus more on the contestants or find a better way to promote the stuff.

I hope they don’t put ad posters all around the house now.

Now, some off topic on Big Boss. I must say, Rakhi Sawant is doing very good job by showing her stupidity in each and every episode. It’s fun watching her.