This movie has couple of things which will make you wait for. 1. Govinda’s much awaited come back. 2. It is another Priyadarshan flick. So the expectations of the people are really high and everyone is expecting a good laugh riot out of it. And till some extent it made everyone laugh, in fact, it made everyone laugh out loud. But again, there were few points where we had blank faces too. Let me jump to the storytelling session now.

The movie is about a theatre group going to London for the drama shows. But due to bad behavior of 2 of their members / actors – Bunty (Akshay Kumar) and Baabla (Govinda) – lead actress of drama leaves the team halfway. Now director of the theatre group Champak (Paresh Rawal) asks both of them to find a lead actress if they want to act as a hero in the drama. Bunty gets hold of Munni aka Nisha aka Aditi (Lara Dutta) and asks her to act as a lead actress. Now, this is not the end, Munni is suffering from Suicidal attacks, she tries for suicide and lands in the hospital. After getting conscious she realizes that she is already married to Vikram (Arbaaz Khan) and goes back with Vikram. But sudden death of Nisha / Munni changes the whole comedy story to suspense. Soon after that Vikram also dies but this time Bunty, Baabla and Champak are found guilty. So, as expected, their job is now to prove themselves as innocent.

Confused? Well, you have right to get confused. It is a confusing story but you will understand the whole thing as you watch it.

Actually, I was not expecting this movie to turn out as a suspense movie. I wanted it as a pure comedy movie which will make me laugh all the time. I really don’t know, what made the director turn this movie to suspense movie. It was doing so well in the 1st half, people were laughing out loud and in the 2nd half it lost it’s track. Director should know, when there are actors like Govinda, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal, people do not expect any kind of suspense going around. All they want is, a good comedy movie.

Moreover, we expect a really funny ending in every Priyadarshan movie but this movie again failed to do that. The ending was kind of anti-climax and things just were not in place. It was kind of haywire. I have no idea what director wanted to show, comedy, suspense or something else?

One more thing I am trying to understand it, how in the world travel agent was searching for Lara Dutta’s flight details in Google?

Let’s sum up the movie:

Story: A good comedy storyline turned to suspense. 1st half holds very well but 2nd half looses the grip.

Music: Couple of songs were good. Signal and Tere Bin were good ones.

Acting: This is a very important part in this movie. Govinda and Akshay Kumar’s pair really made everyone laugh. Their expressions played vital part in comedy scenes. 1st half was just great. This movie will prove to be a good comeback for Govinda. Paresh Rawal was good as usual. Rajpal Yadav was good too. Shakti Kapoor tried his best to act funny. Jackie Shroff, Lara Dutta did their job well, nothing much in their hands.

So, overall I would rate this movie 2.5 stars out of 5. The main appreciation goes for the 1st half. I wish this movie had less of suspense and more of comedy.

Predicto Meter: This movie should do fair business looking at the hype created in the promotions. May be a semi hit status would be perfect for this movie.