Well, time for farewell for my PIII desktop machine. New Core 2 Duo replaced it today. 🙂 I used it for approximately 7 years and now its time is over and it died today. I tried to save it but due to heart attack it died. (Issues with mother board)


and welcome my new baby haha…

The config of old machine:

PIII 450 MHz
Intel Original Motherboard
256 MB RAM
120 GB HDD
4 MB Internal Video Memory

New Machine:

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz (E6003 E6300 If I am not wrong)
Intel Original Motherboard (D946GZ)
160 GB HDD
128 MB Internal Video Memory

Now I feel this new machine really fast.. I don’t have to wait for opera to load haha

I don’t use my desktop machine for work purpose but for downloads, ripping it is used. And yea, my sister too uses it. So in short, it’s her machine now.