I did not know that you get to see Afghanistan for only 2 hours for Rs. 100, I really wanted to watch more .. I was enjoying my journey to Afghanistan so much that I did not want it to end. Amazing place I must say. We generally expect movies to be cut shorter but I think this will be the first movie which I ever wanted to be longer.

The movie is about 2 journalists from India, Jai (Arshad Warsi) and Suhel (John Abraham), visit Afghanistan to cover story on Talibans (Talib) and they go to various places to interview Talibs but all goes in vain but a Talib, Imran (Salman Shahid), gets into their car and asks them to drive towards the Afghanistan / Pakistan border. This is where the story begins. A journey of 3 journalists with a Talib. (Jessica (Linda Arsenio) from America joins them halfway through their “journey�. )

The movie also covers many aspects like views of Pakistani Soldiers towards Talibans, views of local Afghans towards Talibans and views of 3 journalists towards Talibans, specially towards Imran. The movie also has good share of humor too. And when it comes to Humor, the name which comes to our mind is, Arshad Warsi. Great actor.

The movie has many shocking scenes which will keep you thinking. I really liked 3 scenes particularly. 1st is very much in the beginning when Jai and Suhel gets lift in the tank. 2nd one is when Imran meets his daughter, there was not even a single word exchanged between them but the body language said it all. And lastly 3rd one is in the end, which unfortunately can’t describe here. (Don’t want any spoilers)

There are few more things in the movie which impressed me a lot. Cinematography, excellent is the correct word. They have shown Afghanistan so well that you really feel like visiting that place and staying there. The background music was very impressive. And on the acting front, I really liked Salman Shahid, I somehow saw Pran in him. A strong but emotional man who does not let his feelings come out.

Let me sum up the movie:

Story: A very different story, it is basically not meant for bollywood, it is meant for the international audience.

Music: Though the soundtrack music is by Raghav Sachar but there were no songs in the movie. The background score by Julius Packiam was impressive.

Acting: All did well, I was impressed by Salman Shahid. Arshad Warsi was good as always. John Abraham was good too. Linda Arsenio had nothing much to do but I am still not able to wipe the face of this beauty from my mind. Hanif Hum Ghum did his job well as Khyber. (Their guide)

So overall I would give this movie 4 stars out of 5. But again, these stars are totally from the critic’s point of view. The normal public might not accept the movie.

Predicto Meter: As mentioned earlier, this movie is not meant for the Indian audience, so I do not see any chances of this movie being hit in India. But this movie is surely going to get very good appreciation abroad and is surely going to bag few awards. The man who will most benefit from this will be the director, Kabir Khan. Excellent job. We need more of “good cinema� like Kabul Express.