I have heard lot of (bad) things about BSNL Broadband, speed problems, upload capping etc.. but this one is pretty strange and shocking.

I got to know about this from a thread in TechSpot forums. A friend of mine, Dinkar (userid Din) is trying to get his BSNL broadband connection but the guys over at BSNL are delaying it without any reasons.

He is trying for almost a year but still he no one from BSNL has bothered to respond him back. Till now, he has made 225 phone calls, visited BSNL offices 30 times.

Following is quote from this website:

Due to the delay my position in the waiting list for Dataone broadband became number 82 from number 1. It was solely Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – BSNL’s fault and they never admit it. I am losing a lot of money every minute as I had lot of plans based on broadband . None of the promises given by the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – BSNL’s officials were kept.

Starting from January 2006, I made about 225 phone calls so far related to this matter. I visited various BSNL offices at least 30 times. I made a lot of requests and I sent registered letters to the concerned and higher officials of BSNL 10 times.

All information regarding this can be found on his website: Waiting for Broadband

Dinkar, don’t loose hope and fight back. Good Luck