What happens when you have….

My xbox 360


something you have been dreaming for 1 year, something you have been dying to play, something for which you spent 750 bucks..and still you can’t play it.

Well, talking about my XBOX 360 console which I got from US (a close friend brought it here). I am waiting for step down voltage converter to arrive so that I can plug-in US based power supply (110V) to it and enjoy the game.

Now, you must be wondering why the hell 750 USD for USD 399 game.

Well, this is what I got in USD 750

  • XBOX 360 PRO Console – USD 399
  • 1 Wireless Controller – USD 50
  • 3 Game CDS – USD 180
  • Rest US local tax and etc.. etc..

It is just really strange feeling when you can’t play it and all you can do is, stare at this bloody beauty…