Okay, this might be useless for normal users but this will be very helpful for the designers and HTML coders who always want their site to look perfect in most of the browsers. This recent update of IE6 to IE7 broke few things which made some sites look different in both the browsers.

So, now the question comes in mind is “how to check our site in both the versions of the browser?”

Well, it is possible. This might not be a new thing for few people but I am sure this is going to help someone here.

You can install standalone versions of IE on your machine. If you have already installed IE7 and want to install previous versions of IE, you can get standalone version from here or if you have IE6 on your machine and wish to install IE7 too (keeping IE6 intact) then you can download standalone version of IE7 from here.

I just installed IE6 standalone version on my machine and it really made my testing job lot more easier.