Lots of things happening around me professionally which does not allow me to post much. But I am happy in one way that, it’s helping me a lot to grow my business. Business wise, this is the best time I have ever had. (Touch wood)

Since the good times have started so people think of investing the money somewhere. So like everyone, I too decided to jump into share market. But I do not take risks so easily, to take big risk, I have to understand the market and once I get confidence in it, I take big risks. This applies to anything from Business to shares. So I decided to invest a very small amount of Rs. 15,000. I invested in buying shares of Naukri.com, it was public issue today. And in the allotment I got 33 shares at Rs. 320 each. (Rs. 10,560)

And guess what, my dear friend (who works with Naukri) sold the shares too… at Rs. 428 per share. And now the rates are Rs. 600 per share lol (He was holding shares on my behalf due to some issues)

But I am happy in one way that I made little profit out of it. Now, plans are there to put in some more money but I will have to do lot of research before putting in money in this high tide period.

P.S. Ashish, like you said, I am going to invest amount you had mentioned (in Chennai) in LIC too πŸ™‚