At one point we think, these Anti Piracy guys are doing their job very well but many times they end up speaking stupid things which ends up in increasing the piracy than stopping it.

Take recent case for example.

Recently Mid Day interviewed Anti Piracy guys of T Series but instead of telling them what they are doing to stop the piracy, he ended up giving information about how piracy guys get pirated copy these days.

There is nothing wrong in letting people know about it but it is stupid when you tell people the source too.

Some of the excerpts from the article:

The anti-piracy cell of T-Series, which holds the copyright for the two films, has intercepted a few links and codes which were sent as SMSes to nearly 900 piracy distributors in India, Nepal and Bangladesh by a key dealer who operates a private website from Malaysia.

After being decoded, the links were found to be paths for downloading Don and Jaan-e-Mann. While this is the path for downloading Jaan-e-Mann, the site for Don is this

The two movies can also be downloaded from M M Satish, president of anti-piracy cell (T-Series Public Performance License), said, “These sites are illegal and have their servers and Internet protocol addresses outside India and the pirated films are uploaded in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.”

Now, after reading this article, 100s of more people would have downloaded the pirated copy of the movies.

Why these guys have to act foolish?