This movie proves that, adding extra letters in the movie title doesn’t make a movie hit. It needs lot more than those extra letters.

The movie is about a rock singer Kria (Sushmita Sen) who accidentally meets Dr. Sooraj Rihan (Shiney Ahuja) in the hospital, both gel very well with each other and finally Kria expresses the love for him and to break the ice, Sooraj confesses that he is already married and his wife is in coma for last 5 years. But that does not stop them from falling in love. Kria and her family is very happy and having fun. But the joy time gets over when Kria discovers that her adopted son Dhruv (Julian Burkhardt) has hole in heart.

There comes the role of a mother who is ready to anything to save life of her son. How does she save him? Did she get success in saving him? It is for you to watch.

The movie also stars Maushmi Chatterjee in double role, she plays serious role of Kria’s mother and so called funny role of Kria’s aunt. (Mother’s sister) Kim Sharma is also in the movie as friend and secretary of Kria. And there is Punjabi cowboy driver too. (Sorry I do not recognize the actor’s name)

On the acting part, Sushmita Sen is too loud, Shiney Ahuja is ok but nothing great. Maushmi Chatterjee gets award for the worst actor here. Even Kim Sharma follows her.

The base of the story is strong but director does not even try to keep things in proper place and introduces unwanted characters, pulls in irritating songs in between. I still could not find the need for bringing in the character of Sooraj’s wife. There was absolutely no need to show that phase, it does not relate to the movie in any manner. Sooraj being married does not affect the movie. Director should also learn that holding guitar in the hand and dancing like a mad does not make anyone a rock star. It just shows how poor the direction is.

Anu Malik needs some music lessons, specially rock lessons. Rock music is just not about guitar, it needs “the energy�. You can’t compose a rock song by making singers yell.

So to sum things up:

Story: Strong storyline but narration was real bad. This movie shows how to make mess out of a good story.

Acting: Bad is the correct word. Sushmita is too loud and looks over energetic. The rock singer image does not suit her at all. It adds another feather in her list of flops. Shiney is ok, he has nothing great to do. Rest of the cast is bad.

Music: Music is a joke here. The song Humko Chhoone Paas aayiye starts off well but it ends up being a bad song.

So overall, I would give this movie 1 star out of 5. The movie is bad, please do not spend money on it.