John has been telling me for quite sometime to switch to Full Feeds and I even got few emails, asking me to switch. But I personally prefer partial feeds.

I do not understand why there is so much fuss about full feeds. It is choice of a person, if a blog author do not want to switch to full feeds then why to force? (I am not saying John and other guys forced me)

I have noticed that there is some petition going on about Full Feeds, people want only full feeds.

I personally feel it is about preference of a person and few people like full feeds so they want whole world to have full feeds.

For god’s sake let the authors decide. If an author doesn’t want full feeds and you think they will loose readers, then let them. Why to worry so much? It is their loss not yours.

Now, there could be few reasons for using partial feeds. (Other than ads, which I do not think is kind of valid). The main reason could be stopping spam blogs ripping your content from feeds. Currently because of partial feeds only partial content can be fetched and republished but if the feed is full, they find open door and your post will be there the very next moment you post.

One more reason could be, mobile users. Many of the mobile users subscribe to RSS feeds so just imagine how slow it will be to download the full feed compared to partial one. (Specially when the article is lengthy)

I think wordpress should have some options for registered users to decide, if they want full feeds, choose full feeds option otherwise let partial feeds remain.

There are few very good blog posts on this topic. Robert Scoble, Danny Sullivan