It was so difficult to get the ticket for this movie, the guy at ticket counter was saying no outright. Wait, wait wait… before you think about House Full, let me clear the point. It was empty house actually and I was the first person to ask for the ticket. The guy said they need at least 3 people to start the show. And at the last minute 2 guys saved me. I still remember the ticket guy sarcastically saying “Enjoy the movie sir�. The movie started around 10 minutes late and to make it worse it started with a song!!! A song!!

The story of the movie is nothing great, in fact it is inspired, adopted or lifted from old movies of 90s. The story is about the guy Rocky (Zayed Khan) who cannot see anything wrong happening around him. If a policeman tries to rape a girl (Marine Drive case), he will beat him up and end up going in jail.

So what? What about Isha, how does he meet her? Well, this also starts with a fight, few local goons try to harass Neha (Isha Sherwani) and Rocky saves her but he does not know, the guy with whom he had a fight was from gang of the local don Anthony (Rajat Bedi). So finally, Anthony and Rocky meets face to face. Anthony leaves Rocky after giving warning but he is Rocky, the rock star, the action hero, how can he just forget about it? He ends up fighting with Anthony’s gang (His brothers, actually) and Anthony returns to take revenge. He kills Rocky’s girlfriend Neha, Rocky is broken. Anthony threatens Rocky’s parents, they all leave for London.

In London, Priya (Minissha Lamba) comes into the picture, the girl who loves Rocky madly. Few things happen in London which makes Rocky and his family to return India. They file case against Anthony in high court. And… we all know what will happen now.

A typical Hindi movie story which we all are fed up with. In Hindi we call it as Ghisa Piti kahani with some music to jazz the things up. But anything just does not fit in the place.

In first half, the director gets confused about what he wants to show. So he just makes Rocky and Neha roam around and shows their silly romance which does not even create 1% of romantic feeling. Chemistry between them is bad. Even songs are worst, specially “I am not your one night stand�, I mean, what kind of song it is?

The character of the movie are even worse, I still do not understand the role of Neha’s professor brother. All he did was tried to crack some silly jokes which did not make anyone laugh.

Okay, let me sum up the things.

Story: Old wine in the new bottle which tasted worse than older one. Very poor storyline, easily predictable.

Acting: Acting? Haha, this will be a joke here. Zayed really needs some good acting lessons. Isha Sherwani needs some expressions on her face and yeah, she also needs to learn some acting lessons. Minissha Lamba looked over excited in the movie. Smita Jaykar did not have anything to do except wasting some glycerin. Rocky’s dad (Sorry, I have no idea about the actor’s name) was bad, just bad. Rajat Bedi was the only good actor (compared to others) in the movie, though his role was a stylish don which he has been doing in few other films.

Music: Couple of songs of the movie might have done well for sometime but I personally did not like the music at all.

So overall the movie was really bad and I would give it half star out of 5. I wish I had fast forward control in my hand. Do not waste your money in watching this movie.