Pretty different movie I must say. Actually I was expecting this movie to be very different than the movie we watch these days. It is 2nd movie of director Onir, first was My Brother Nikhil which made a very good impact. (Though it was not a major hit or anything)

The movie shows different shades of a person. The movie basically tries to show what happens in real world. It touches everything from homosexuality, failed marriage to extra marital affairs.

I will try to give some light on all the characters of the movie. I won’t be narrating the whole story here because if I do, I am sure people will start yawing. (It is a bit messy story, which cannot be understood unless you watch it)

Phase 1:

The movie starts with a guy returned from US, Nikhil Kapoor (Sanjay Suri) trying hard to get into pub but authorities do not allow him because only couple entry is allowed. Then comes Anamika (Urmila Matondkar) who helps him to get in to the pub. Nikhil likes Anamika in the first sight and he tries his best to impress Anamika.

Phase 2:

Rahul (Jimmy Shergil) who is very good friend of Nikhil. Steve (Rehaan Engineer) is also a friend of Rahul. They all meet while playing basket ball and Nikhil shares his feelings with both of them and one day they all decide to go to that Pub.

Phase 3:

Ira (Juhi Chawla) who is wife of Steve but unfortunately their marital relationship does not work well but Steve is trying hard to keep the relationship alive.

Phase 4:

Pub, where Anamika comes with her friend, Nikhil talks to Anamika and asks for a dance but her friend does not like it. They end up in a brawl and a gun shot. That’s it, very next minute Nikhil is shown in the jail.

Phase 5:

Nikhil is out on the bail (After 3 years) with the help of Ira, who runs NGO Nikhil searches for his love Anamika and his friend Rahul. And the story moves on.

Like Taran Adarsh I am not going to be a “bad guy” and narrate the whole story. (He is known for these kind of acts) From here, you will understand the story only if you watch the movie. The messy part begins from here.

Okay now let me sum things up.

Story: Very different story picked up well but it slowed down a bit in the 2nd half. It leaves few questions in the end, like Who was the person photographing Nikhil Ira and Anamika? But over all a good story. Story puts light on Homosexuality (with Nikhil in the jail), failed relationship (Ira and Steve), extra marital affair (Ira and Rahul) and craziness for the love (Nikhil for Anamika). Different shades of a person are shown very well.

Acting: Sanjay Suri, a very good actor and impressive acting here, so are Urmila Matondkar, Jimmy Shergil and Juhi Chawla. Rehaan Engineer did his role well. He had nothing much to do in the movie though.

Music: Mild music with couple of very good songs, specially Tere Bin, just amazing song.

So overall, I would give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5, slow 2nd half is one of the weak points of the movie. I do not expect this movie to be a hit, it is targeted to Multiplexes, not masses.