Yes, Yes, Yes, they suck BIG TIME.

Here is the scene, A client sent me DD through registered post, office was closed to it remained undelivered and postman gave us a receipt which said collect it from post office between 9.30 – 10.30 AM.

I visit the post office, show them the receipt, they ask me if I have brought my company stamp and my ID card as proof. I show them both and the very next minute the person says “Nahi mil sakta hai abhi” (You can’t get it now) I ask them the reason, I get reply saying post office department does not know if my company exists or not. I was like, what the hell? It is just a registered post not any property paper where you have to check the stuff.

They ask me to send them some letter stating that my company exists  and details about company with the address. I will also have to mention in the letter, the name of the person who will come to collect the registered post on behalf of the company. Once I send them the letter, they will send their person to our office to check if my company really exists or not. And this process may take 15 days. It depends upon the person who is going to visit my office. They do not give any timeline.

So after all these things I may get the registered post.

It just pisses me off when they come up with these illogical solutions. I mean why the hell I cannot collect the post if I show them the proof? My company stamp, my ID card? Why in the world I have to send the letter and wait for their person to check if my company exists or not.

It is just so silly and stupid on their part to do things like this.

God only knows when they will improve and have some logical rules.