I was using MTNL Triband for quite sometime at home, but I was constantly looking for an unlimited net connection.

Around 6 months back, Airtel guys started wiring work in our building for their phone and net connections. It took them approximately 4-5 months to finish the work. So once they were done with their work, I could not wait to ask them for their plans but I was disappointed to see no unlimited plans.

But few days back when I called them up, they gave me details about their 256kbps unlimited plan (Rs. 900 per month). But still there were some issues regarding connection in our building (Some wiring work was still pending) but I took advantage of my dad’s position…he is chairman of our building. We called up some airtel person who was in charge of the whole work and the very next day they sent their agent to my office, I applied for the connection and within 5 days, my airtel net connection up and running 😀

Till now I have not faced any problems, speed is excellent like MTNL Triband. I will write review on it after a month or so. (Will test it for a month)