“Jab tak suraj chaand rahega, Munna aur Circuit ka naam rahega” and the movie proves it to be true!!!

I just returned from the movie and I really enjoyed watching “good cinema” after quite sometime.

Okay, no more movie praising…let’s get started.

Munna (Sanjay Dutt) and Circuit (Arshad Warshi) are gain local goons (bhais) but this time instead of Doctor Munna is history professor. Well, he is actually not but for Jhanvi (Vidya Balan) he turns himself to a history professor. The whole thing starts when Munna, who is mad after Radio Jockey (RJ) Jhanvi and listens to her shows daily from 9 – 12 in the morning, on 2nd of October, (Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday) Jhanvi starts a quiz and the one wins, gets chance to meet Jhanvi and get interviewed on the radio. So, our Munna Bhai manages to answer all her questions and meets her for the interview. So there, he calls himself as a history professor who has very good knowledge about Mahatma Ghandhi and the roll starts. Jhanvi invites Munna to visit her house and give lecture about Gandhiji to her grandfather and his friends (who stay there because of some of other reason).

But our Munna Bhai does not really have any knowledge about Mahatma Gandhi, so after lot of ideas, Circuit comes up with a great idea which changes Munna Bhai’s life totally. Munna Bhai visits the library and decides to read books related to Mahatma Gandhi for the lecture. And guess what? He gets to meet Mahatma Gandhi (obviously imaginary) and one after other, things keep on happening which changes Munna from bhai to Gandhiwadi (A person who believes in non-violence and saying truth).

The movie is a very balanced mixture of laughter and seriousness, though seriousness turns into the laughter in the end but it’s a peppy movie which leaves a very good message in the end.

I would not bore everyone with a long review so I will better sum things up now.

Story: A very good story which keeps you right there on the seat. The dialogues are just amazing and makes you laugh out loud.

Acting: Circkeshwar oops Circuit (Arshad Warsi) rocked and Sanjay Dutt too, very impressive performance for both of them. Vidya Balan, I just love her smile… she was pretty good too. Boman Irani fits very well in the character of Lucky Singh, he is a great actor after all. The movie stars most of the actors from part one.

Music: Music is not bad at all, Pal Pal song is my favorite song in the movie. Specially the song, Samjo Wohi Gaya is very well filmed.

So the final verdict? I would give this movie 4 stars out of 5. A very impressive film which can be watched by everyone from a kid to an old person, it can be called as a Family Film with nothing offending at all.

Great movie, I am definitely looking forward to the 3rd part of the movie. (If it comes)

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