Well, it was more than heart attack for me when I found the server status disconnected in the data center’s admin panel. (This site was on my friend’s server earlier)

I did not have any backup and that server had my hard work of 4 years (http://www.tybcom.com/), This site and Techspot (It is still down, in the process of restoring)

I was like almost broke with no backup in hand, I was just praying that “God please bring my sites back anyhow…”

I asked my friend to get in touch with ThePlanet by phone as they were not bothered to reply to my support tickets. And worst part was, they did not talk to him properly so I asked my cousin in US to call them up, I got to know the reason (His credit card got declined for some reason) so instead of sending us the notice they preferred disconnecting the server.

We had to wait for around 10 hours more as their Accounting department had left for the day, so finally I asked my friend to call them up at 730PM here in India (9AM EST) But still I was worried about the data as I was not sure what will be the next move of ThePlanet. The situation was like a student who is waiting for the test results and had attempted 40 marks of paper out of 100 and still expects to pass in the exams.

But I was lucky that I got the server back online and I quickly took the backup and restored the sites on my other server.

So lessons learnt:

1. Backup Backup Backup, always take backup

2. Don’t trust ThePlanet, they are crazy and they can do whatever they want without caring about the customer