10.40 PM, 250 seats, 25 people, a cute girl and Me. Ok Ok, I am talking about the movie theatre and Soha Ali Khan. Don’t think anything else now!!

As expected the movie hall was empty, only around 25 people were present. I was very much eager to watch this movie, as it was Abhay Deol’s 2nd movie (1st was Socha Na Tha, I had really loved that movie). I somehow find that guy’s acting very natural. And the 2nd reason was, from the trailers I found this movie to be a very different and I really could not get idea about the story and that is what I expect from the movies.

Anyways, let me not bore you guys and start the stuff.


The story is about Ankush (Abhay Deol) – who is professional marriage witness, in short he acts as a witness for couples in marriage registration office – and Megha (Soha Ali Khan) who ran away from her home at Nainital to get married to her love interest Dhiraj (Shayan Munshi). The story starts with Megha waiting at the marriage registration office for Dhiraj to show up but for some reason he does not show up. So Ankush comes in the picture here, who had approached Megha with the intention of earning Rs. 200 for his Witness job and he ends up helping her by providing shelter to her. Ankush grows on his side by working in a bank as an Agent…

Ankush falls in love with Megha and she too falls in love with him (or kind of love), both agree for the marriage and Dhiraj comes back in the picture. Unexpected circumstances happen, actually I should say, expected circumstances with unexpected reactions and then….

Actually the movie story is bit different than the movies we see and I do not think so it will be accepted by the masses but if you are a movie freak like me and love to watch something different, then you will definitely like the movie. The movie is just an innocent love story drafted very well by the characters of Abhay Deol and Soha Ali Khan. The characters are so natural that you feel as if things are happening to the guy next door. The background music of the film also plays a very good role, it is just too good. The way Delhi is shown is very good and gives a fresh feeling.

I think I won’t stop praising the movie, so let’s cut it out and sum it up.

Story: A very common story carried very well and transformed to a wonderful experience. 

Music: Well, as it was Himesh Reshammiya creation, so I did not expect much but still I liked couple of songs of the movie including the Qawwali.

Acting: Abhay Deol was the most impressive, very natural and innocent acting but he should stay away from singing in the songs. Soha Ali Khan, she is a doll, a very cute doll I must say. Again very innocent and natural acting and these both actors perfectly fit into their characters. Apart from these two, Shayan Munshi needs some acting lessons and may be few layers of fat to cover the bones. Other actors did their job well.

Stars: Like rediff, I would also give it 3.5 stars out of 5. You will enjoy the movie if watched in the theatre, I would recommend watching it in theatre if you are a movie freak and accept uncommon stories. Otherwise wait for the DVD to arrive. The movie will definitely won’t be liked by the masses and the business it can do is from word of mouth publicity.