Yeah, I know, many of you guys did not understand; English translation is “Sweet Sea Water”. Okay still did not understand? Okay let me come to the point, I just got a text message from my friend saying, “checkout news, sea water at Mahim (A place in Mumbai) has become sweet and 1000s of have gathered to taste it.” As I can see on the Aaj Taj many people have reached theere with bottles and empty vessels so that they can take the sweet sea water home.
This is totally crazy thing, I can see news channels showing many people drinking it…though the reason for this is not clear till now but many of the superstitious people are considering this as god’s gift and it has happened because the sea is on the back side of the Dargah.

But there is no scientific reason has been determined till now. Doctors have advised not to drink the water as it can be intoxicated. The reason for the sweet water can be mixture of chemicals in the water. But people are not ready to understand anything and they are just drinking the polluted water of the sea. Mahim’s sea (Khadi) is known to be one of the polluted place.

Till now, none of the sites are showing this news online. You can checkout Hindi news channels for the information on it.