Well, I am talking about last 2 days which made all hindi news channels to change their names to Prince TV. Aaj Tak and Zee News forgot other things happening around the country.

Talking about the 5 year old kid prince who was fallen into 60 feet deep pit. Aaj Tak was busy showing how people were praying around the country for the Prince, temples, church, gurdudwaras, mosques…and they were also very much excited to show each and everything of the “prince event”.

They even interviews many people outside the temples asking them “what do you feel about prince?” Even PM of the country made statement.

They asked people to send SMS for Prince.. (Prince ke liye aapka sandesh hamein bheje xxx pe).. which was nothing but a bad try to earn some quick bucks.

Zee News on the other hand managed to find people who made prediction saying this Prince is Parthiv (Mahabharta’s) and kid is some real prince in this kalyug. (I do not remember the exact words but it was on the line of what I said)

And finally prince was rescued, PM announced Rs. 2 lakh to Prince’s family.

But I do not think so the story ends here, Aaj Tak will do a good followup on this, they will interview Prince’s family with their typical question “Ab aapko kaisa lag raha hai?” lol

Why in the world they have to create so much of hype? I totally agree that the boy got stuck in the pit and rescue operation is going on but what about the other things happening around?

Update: Star News donated Rs. 5 lakh to Prince’s family. Just got to know about it from Anand. Now this makes me look around for a pit so I can also earn some quick bucks 😉