News channels (read CNN-IBN) got very much excited to show something on their favorite topic “blog”, “Blog sites blocked by Indian government”, “Bloggers unite against government” Okay fair enough but don’t you think that they missed one major point in this so called “blog hype”.

It is question about websites getting blocked without any reason, not just blogs but all kind of sites. Government does not know what blog is, all they know is, “they have to block the site given by the head department” (read as top politicians)

And in this hype we missed points: which sites are blocked?, Why the sites got blocked? Today I saw scanned copy of blocked websites here


Apart from few blogspot blocked it had few indian sites too…here is list of some of the blocked sites: – Their fault? They had content showing news about what is happening to Hindus around India, I can see them showing news (forum topics which no longer work) like “Pakistan: Hindu Girls Kidnapped, Forced to Islam”, “Russian Archbshp Calls Lord Krishna a ‘Devil'”, the site also shows links to various topics like Ayodhya Evidence, some hindu related news. In short, it is a Hindu Site with links to Hindu sites. – This site is mainly about human rights of Hindus and provides news about Hindu community and YES, they have also posted an article related to protest against Indian government regarding 11th July train blasts. I do not see any logic in banning this site. – This site is mainly for human rights of Dalit people and is currently (taken) down. Web archive does not show anything offending on their site. – His fault was, he provided links to various Hindu organizations like BJP, VHP, RSS etc..

And now let’s see the point of view of “We love America“, the sites which are against America, block them… (even America does not care to block these sites) – The site is basically anti-islam more than that, it is trying to speak the truth…check this post for example: Why The Jawa Report Was Banned in India and Why it Matters (No relation with India or Indian people) – This site is anti-communist site or in other words, they are also trying to speak their mind. (Again no relation with India or Indian people) – This site is basically anti-american or anti-war or political blog, they are trying to speak their mind…(Again no relation with India or Indian people) A good post by them here (Thanks to Publia for the pointers) – This site is again anti-american This site is a personal blog of a person who is expressing his political views on his site and again no relation with India. (Thanks to Publia for the pointers)

So the point here is, the government is trying to say is, if your site is promoting hindu religion, giving information about Hindu religion or it is anti-american… we will block the site. We do not care about hundreds of Jihadi sites…

I still do not understand why the hell government has to do these kind of things? What are they trying to prove? Are they planning for Hindu Muslim war in this 21st century? (Forget it if they are, people are much more smarter now) I, as a normal surfer could not find anything wrong on those sites so who the hell government is to decide what is good and what is bad? I am paying for this internet bill every month, who in the world are they to block the access?