This is the first question in the minds of people who were / are not able to access their blogspot blogs. I just got to know about it from my friend Shivam Vij

It seems that DOT sent a 22 page list of ‘to be blocked’ sites to ISPs and some of the lazy ass ISPs blocked the whole domains instead of spending time and blocking each and every sub domain mentioned in the list. And that resulted into a big mess, with many people not able to access blogs and rude answers from MTNL people.

Specially this part was bad:

Finally I managed to get through to Dr Gulshan Rai. He was downright rude. He said he
couldn’t understand what my problem was, and in any case he could not solve it on phone.

Me: “So should I send you an email?”
(which, btw, I already did last night, to CERT-IN)

Gulshan Rai: “Do whatever.”So that’s that for now.

I guess this laziness is going to be costly affair for ISPs as bloggers are planning to file RTI petition.

This incident reminds me of old Yahoo Group ban case… haha

More on this issue can be found here, here (On RTI Application) or here