Well, pretty simple, go to Matoshree, Dadar (or any of the Shiv Sena office), desecrate one of the statues, and you are done.

This is what happened today in Mumbai. Few people desecrated the statue of Bal Thakrey’s wife and that’s it. Shiv Sena got chance to show their power, dada giri, anger or whatever you name it. Burnt the tourist bus, stone pelting, forcing shopkeepers to shut their shops, breaking glasses of the busses and what more you want to shut the whole Mumbai?

I totally agree that whatever was done to Bal Thakrey’s wife’s statue was wrong but the way they were protesting against it was totally wrong and the police were watching as mute spectators.

And apart from that, Shiv Sena was hinting to some non-hindu (read as Muslim) leader doing it and they were blaming the government for this and they wanted government to apologize for the same, lol what would government do if someone plays around in YOUR house, it is your responsibility to take care of your stuff not government’s but they always wanted to make some issue of such a small thing. I afraid that these people will ever going to change and I am also afraid that I will ever vote for them.