Well, things didn’t turn out as expected. I was expecting the climate to be cool in the evenings and nights but it did not. Currently it is 1.51 AM I am 2 fans are on, one on the roof, another one next to me, table fan but still I am kind of sweating.

Today I had gone to a place called Dudhai with my cousin, a very small village; we had gone there for some ritual work. We left our home at 5.30 PM and we were literally getting heated up by the wind, just too hot. I wash my face, stand outside for sometime and I start sweating up. I seriously do not understand why these people don’t use ACs. May be just because they are used to this kind of heat but I am certainly NOT.

No signs of rain at all it had shown signs of rains around 4 AM in the early morning yesterday but drizzling stopped within few minutes.

So from last 2 days we are having Golas (Ice Cady) daily. We get very good special type of Golas here. (Dry Fruit, Ice Cream gola) I have clicked some pics too, to make you guys jealous but my bad luck is that, I left the USB cable in the living room and everyone is sleeping there. I will post the picture on Monday 😀

There is nothing much to write today but there will be more tomorrow. We are going to a place called Dholavira tomorrow. Will click some great pics, hopefully. The desert on the way is known as danger area, totally white sand and it is India’s biggest desert. Will give more details as I come across it.