Earlier I was pretty impressed with the services of Hutch but as time passed by, they started acting bad. Their mobile network became weaker than ever. I can’t even talk properly in my home, the voice juts breaks and line gets disconnected if I move from my room to my kitchen.

And now today. I faced a really bad problem with them. I got advanced GPRS activated on my phone so that I can use it whenever I am out. And to configure that only, it took me ages and in the end I only fixed the problem.

I bought Bluetooth USB device today so that I can connect directly to the net without a connecting cable. (The cable with they had given was not working properly for some reason)

Okay, everything well, the machine detected the phone, phone detected the machine, everything went on smoothly so I was kind of happy. So then I tried to connect the net using GPRS, got error for the first time, Okay, that’s okay…tried for the 2nd time, error again, 3rd time, error again, 4th time error, Okay!! Time to call Hutch customer support.

Okay, called them, asked for my number, name and then asked my date of birth, address and alternative phone number. Okay sounds good, we are ready to go. I am transferred to the GPRS department.

They suggested few things to me, made changes, modified the settings, but still no luck. I was asked to try again because of network connectivity problem.

Called them up after 1 hour, again phone number, full name, address, date of birth, alternative phone number and phone details, okay enough, I am transferred to the GPRS department, again we tried few things but didn’t help. I disconnected the line to try out few other things.

Okay, nothing worked, called up again from the train. Got them…they asked me again phone number, full name, address, date of birth, alternative phone number and phone details, I told them, the line gets disconnected because of their weak network. (I am still in Mumbai)

Tried them again, I was asked for the phone number and name, to avoid the same shit again, I asked them, please transfer me to GPRS department, I was talking to them and line got disconnected but NO, the guy said sorry sir for security reasons you will have to tell us your address, date of birth and alternative phone number again, I got bit pissed off but since I wanted to fix this immediately, I told them all details and I am ready to go….

And as expected, the line got disconnected again.

Okay, one more shot, at this stage I was totally pissed off with them, called them up, person asked me for the details, then he started for security reasons we will have to know your address, date of birth and alternative phone number, Before he finishes his line, I almost shouted at him, what the hell you guys are doing, I am calling for 6th time and you guys are asking me same details again and again. Do you want me to give all the details I entered while I filled up the form, please transfer me to GPRS department, It’s urgent.

I got reply, I am really sorry sir but I wont be able to do that without knowing these details. Gave them the details. I told them I am getting disconnected again and again, please call me if I get disconnected this time, the answer was, they do not have outgoing call facility from their office. Okay, it is possible if it is call center. No problems, I am transferred to the person, I was discussing with him and in between the line got disconnected.

Just imagine the state of mind I had at that time, totally frustrated and pissed off with them.

So finally I tried to kick my Bluetooth device and try to connect using the cable given by them, it worked!!! I was very happy, my net got connected BUT I was not able to surf now.

Called them up again and I was also trying few things on my side to get it working. The guy asked for address, date of birth and alternative phone number but before I tell them, the net started and I disconnected the line. (God saved me this time from telling them my details again)

So the point for this post is, actually 2 points, 1, to get you irritated by reading “address, date of birth and alternative phone number� again and again, and feel the level of frustration I was facing.

2nd Hutch should really give some kind of pin code to customers to avoid this stupid kind of thing. Bloody we have to tell them the details each and every time we call.

Please do not mind few grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes in this post, I am posting it from the train, the battery is low so I will have to shut down the machine now.

P.S Hutch GPRS sucks too, I had clicked on my site 15 minutes back and it is still opening. Okay my bad, I am on roaming now, and I do not see Hutch in the mobile networks, I will post it once I reach Kutch.