Thursday June 29, 2006:10.30 PM – Kelve Road, this place was unknown to me till now but I do not think I will forget it from now. The train stopped for more than 3 hours here, there was derail of train in the next station so we had to stop here till that thing get cleared up.

Currently I am sitting in the train, lights are off, and we are sitting in the upper berths. We were supposed to get food from Valsad but that guy ditched us (we had order the food over the phone, the guy has some parcel service, home made food.) saying the train will reach there by 12 so he just cancelled our order. (The train was supposed to reach there by 9 PM)

So now we are waiting for the Valsad or Vapi and I will get some food from there. It wont be any proper food but will be snacks kind of thing.

More updates later.