Going to Kutch (Gujarat) tomorrow. Quite excited about it as we are gonna give surprise to my grand parents (Maternal Side). I know, it will hot out there but we have some good plans there to roam around in Kutch. We have decided to go to few places. And yes, I am gonna love clicking photos there.

I will have my laptop, mobile phone (with advanced GPRS connection for laptop) so I can almost come online from there. I am not sure how the network will be but the net cost is gonna kill me for sure. I will have to spend around Rs. 1,000 for this net connection (will have to pay for 2 months due to my billing cycle date which is on 4th of every month) and if I use more than 500 MB, I will be charged Rs. 5 per MB, Yeah, it is Rs. 5 per MB. Hutch, the looting company.

So, a quick good bye and I will be posting from there most probably but yea non tech stuff. I have one tech article lined up but time is not allowing me to write more on it, so if I get time there, I will make sure that I finish it and post it here 😀