I had lot of expectations from this movie, infact I have never been so excited about any movie. Last Sunday, first thing I did was, book this movie’s tickets. 

Let me not tell everything in first few lines….

Okay, so the movie is about Krrish, Krishna Mehra (Hritik Roshan) son of Rohit Mehra, who has special powers like his dad but her grand mother does not want the world to see Krishna’s special powers, she did not want her grand son to die like his son and daughter in law. (Yes, they both are shown dead in the movie) Then, Priya (Priyanka Chopra) enters the movie, Krishna falls in love with Priya, they play around here and there, finally Priya leaves for her hometown Singapore. She works there as news reporter and our Mr. Hero reaches there (Priya calls him in there to meet her mom for the marriage proposal, but the real reason for calling him is, to save her job)

Krishna does some good human being job in Singapore and becomes Krrish (saves life of people and all that stuff), now here comes Dr. Arya in the picture, the person who had hired Rohit Mehra to make a computer which can predict the future but Rohit dies in an accident and his dream to make that computer also dies. But he still manages to develop a computer with the research work of Rohit. But the intentions of that guy were not good….

Okay, I will stop it now, rest of the part is for you to watch…

So how was the movie?

Story: Good story, some of the parts are predictable but some are not…first half of the movie was kind of stretched, everyone was waiting for Krrish to show some “good stuff” but all we got was, Krrish dancing and jumping in the green fields….but fair enough…2nd part did the job of what was missing in the first…

Music: I was in impression that, the music will do well gradually but I was wrong, I could see many people going out while the songs were on…I liked only one song, Sanan Sanan was the name I guess. btw background music of the movie is total ripoff from lounge and English songs.

Acting: HRITIK ROCKED!! ROCKED AND ROCKED, award winning material…. Rest of the actors did their job well, nothing great. But the movie belonged to Hritik. And yeah, I hated Priya friend, Honey (Manini De Mishra), I just didn’t liker her at all…..

Action: I want to be Krrish and jump the way he was doing, excellent action scenes, just like any Hollywood movie. Very good piece of work there.

So what about the stars?, Well, I would give it 4 stars out of 5. I would have loved to give it 5 stars if they had good first half and some decent music.

The movie will have mixed reactions, the movie won’t be liked by the people who will go with the thinking that “hindi movies have brainless stuff and we cannot digest it” but I have one message for them “Comeon dude, it’s a bloody fiction, how can you expect anything like this to be real.. lol”

One suggestion, to enjoy the movie fully, watch it in theatre not on your video player or on PC.