I LOVE DIYA, I Love Diya and I Love Diya….she was just too good… (not talking about the acting part), just love her…

Now, the movie…

Concept of the movie is pretty different but they somehow managed to screw it up and make everything a good mess..the movie is about a miracle person Tejas (Akshay Kapoor) who is kind of gift of god and has some powers which makes him special…and rest of the things are common and very expected….some magical expected moments, love story, villain and climax (which was very very weak)

Like always, I will let Sarita Tanwar handle the storytelling part:

The film begins with cops investigating a death in a house located in a remote area. Among other things, they discover a young guy Tejas (Akshay Kapoor) in the cellar.

He’s never been out of the house, or in direct light ever since he was a kid because he has a condition that blinds him in harsh daylight.

After an incident as a kid when he nearly kills someone electrocuting him by simply touching him, his father decides to keep him locked up in the house for good. But after the death of the father, he has no choice but to face reality and the world.

The cops hand him over to an institution where Tejas encounters Purva (Dia Mirza) whose father runs the place. There, he discovers life in the true sense � other kids rag him, he’s mocked at and he’s singled out just because he’s different.

Purva realises that Tejas has a special gift and falls in love with him. But life takes a turn again for Tejas after he cures Purva’s mother and he is kidnapped by an evil scientist Dyer (Tom Alter) who wants to use him for experiments.

The movie does not give you somehting new, you get to see same old things which you see in all “super power” movies…they also tried to show the love story between Diya Mirza and Akshay Kapoor but they failed miserably in it…

Ok, let’s sum it up…

Acting – Akshay Kapoor, he was good but could have done better…Diya Mirza, nothing much to do….rest of the actors, worst was the person who played Diya Mirza’s dad….

Music – The title song was good, I really liked it…there was one more good song in it (some dance number, which the actor imagines), rest of the songs were piece of ****

So, stars? 1.5 out of 5

Don’t do the hard work of going to the theatre, wait for some TV channel to show it….